Solaris Alignment: Restoring the Organic Ascension

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~ This sequence of events which migrates realities to the higher timelines, the New Earth experience, continues to unfold with increasing intensity. As the Divine forces hit the cosmic accelerator, we release, release, and release all of the disharmony connected to the old Self and lower timelines. A grand neutralization of distortion is underway. It feels personal because it is; Self-empowerment is key to the individual experience of Oneness with Source. We are preparing the fractals for reunification with the whole as a conscious, palpable experience. Remember the global purification experience depends on the actions and intentions of the awakened. Ascension is inevitable, we hit that mark years ago, however the unfoldment quickens with our ability to... 

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Happy New Year 2018!

We wish Grigori Grabovoi and all the people of the planet Earth happy New Year! “In the New Year, we wish you the best year you’ve ever had, and that each New Year, will be better than the last, May you realize your fondest dreams, and take time to recognize and enjoy, each and every blessing, Happy New Year, And many more!” “Happy, Happy New Year, We wish you all the best, Great work to reach your fondest goals, And when you’re done, sweet rest, We hope for your fulfillment, Contentment, peace and more, A brighter, better new year than, You’ve ever had before.” Уважаемый Григорий Петрович! Поздравляем Вас с наступающим 2018 годом! Желаем Вам упехов в реализации... 

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Grigori Petrovitch Grabovoi, Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! Дорогой Григорий Петрович! Поздравляем Вас с днем рождения! Желаем Вам счастья, Вечной молодости, успехов! Благодарим Вас за Знания, Любовь и терпение, которое является для нас примером подражания. Своими действиями и делами мы постараемся достойно участвовать в процессе возрождения справедливости на Земле. Спасибо Вам огромное за Ваш подвиг во имя спасения Человечества! С любовью, уважением и благодарностью, Ваши... 

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Merry Christmas! 2017

Dear friends! We heartily wish you Merry Christmas! We wish you great and bright holiday! We wish you happiness in Eternal Life! We wish you clear sky and the bright sun above your head! We wish you light in the Soul, power of the Spirit, the purity of Consciousness, Health of the Physical Body! Love, Joy, Tenderness, Harmony, Eternal creative Development: All the things God created us for, to be happy and to love together with us! ************************* Дорогие Друзья! От всей Души поздравляем Вас С Великим и Светлым праздником – Рождеством Христовым! Желаем Счастья в Вечной Жизни! Желаем чистого неба и яркого солнца... 

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Dear friends! We wish all of you Happy New Year! We wish you successful eternal life! We wish you eternal, harmonious development! We wish that your knowledge of eternal life brought light to all the structures of reality! Дорогие друзья, Поздравляем всех с наступающим Новым Годом! Желаем Всем Удачной вечной жизни! Желаем вечного, гармоничного развития! Желаем чтобы ваши знания Вечной Жизни принесли свет во все структуры реальности!   

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The network method of control in eternity

The network method of control in eternity. When you work with eternity objects, it is important to be able to lean against many elements. Then you will be able to choose the required access point and change it, or combine such points to form a more powerful control impulse. In this case, you should build dynamic supporting areas in front of the area where you plan to apply control. You should preliminary put the objective of control in each of these areas. Further, when you use this method, you should create in your consciousness silvery-white bars of light coming from your physical body to the supporting areas of control that you have built. Moving these areas mentally, you will be able to observe at the spiritual level, how the object of eternity yields to your control. As there are... 

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The technology of eternal life

The technology of eternal life. All should live eternally. Accordingly, everyone has to master the knowledge of how to live eternally. For this, we have to introduce the technology of eternal life everywhere. The eternal Creator forms the eternal. Any education should include knowledge that ensures eternal life. We think about the eternal because we can live eternally. The perceived idea of eternal life includes the technology to achieve it. Regard your thought from an infinitely distant state and you will see yourself as if in a magnifying mirror. Create sharply a light beam in your perception and you will once again understand and believe that eternal life in one physical body is achievable. From the start point of this beam, approach your physical body infinitely close with your... 

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The method of acceleration of thinking in eternity

The method of acceleration of thinking in eternity. Eternal life often necessitates accelerated thinking because it is necessary to process a lot of information. When you work with information, it is possible, in these cases, to perceive the trace of information that differs from the information by more gray tones and a final volume. However, you can de-archive the trace of information, and, due to the areas opening in the process of de-archiving, increase the speed of thinking up to an infinite value. Then a thought and a wish can become a reality even before they occur. Therefore, in super-speeds, you have to be able to understand what kind of thought or wish might arise, and only if you are satisfied with them let them occur. The distinctiveness of the work with the spirit in the... 

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Striving for truth with the diversity of eternity

Striving for truth with the diversity of eternity. There is an unlimited variety of areas in eternity where events occur at the same time. Having perceived several light volumes of event, you can see that the events are connected with your body, heart work, with your soul. Try to feel the connection lines going from events to you. A dynamic information that contains the truth of each event emerges between the lines. The essence of all the events is in you. The creator cognizes the event simultaneously with their creation, and the thought about infinity, which originates from eternity that has already been created, is the criterion of eternity. Push off with your consciousness against the reality of eternity and you will understand that the truth, in every perceived event, is born in... 

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Life over eternity

Life over eternity. When the idea arises what is behind eternity, just look up there. You will be able to see that everything there has the property of life. A stone gets the visible to spiritual vision field, like any life. Its physical contours are perceived as semi-translucent. At the level of the soul and spirit, you can feel life from the stone. Any form in this space is perceived as alive, and the inner contact with it occurs as with a living being. The Creator cognizes the world being aware of it. You have to be able, from the perspective of life, to look at what is perceived as not alive. The diversity of views gives rise to infinity as the starting level of eternity. Life brings the properties of life to everything. Eternal life leads the entire world to the laws of life. In... 

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The method of accelerated mastering of eternity

The method of accelerated mastering of eternity. The area of eternity can be perceived as a space in which the exchange of information occurs at high speed. This perception arises because the space of eternity is associated and actually is infinite in size. In large quantities, to be able to master them in proper time, an accelerated action of the elements of consciousness is needed. In specific circumstances, when it is necessary to address current issues, increasing the speed of information control, which ensures eternal life, takes place due to distant in time fields of consciousness. Mental removal of areas of consciousness to infinity, until the merger with eternity, makes consciousness eternal. Conscience that has been formed like this even in the state of resting enables you to... 

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The method of control of the eternity processes

The method of control of the eternity processes. There is a principle of realization of the processes of eternity in eternal life. When it is clear logically that any eternity consists of eternal constituents. There is an endless path between the eternity of the future and the eternity of the present. Each person has to follow this path in the state of eternity. Eternal life is always with you, you live now and this is eternally; consciousness perceives the geometric infinity like this where the glance merges with the horizon and the substance of your consciousness is overlaid on the infinite physical space. Behind each object of reality, you should see the relationship of this object with the infinite space, and you will get the methods of the eternity processes control. Eternity is... 

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The principle of equal direction in eternal life

The principle of equal direction in eternal life When actions are carried out in the conditions of eternal life, it is necessary to consider the infinity of amounts of information with which you interact. Human consciousness, which largely seeks to form future events, should be prepared to the fact that the properties of eternity of the amounts of information also contain the past circumstances. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out actions with the information of the past events upon preparing the access events to avoid manifestation of the information of the past that is negative for you. The structures of eternity periodically touch man in relation to the true objectives of his eternal soul and body. At such times, you can feel the eternity of your body parts and yourself in general.... 

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Chapter 4 of the Yoga Sutras: Absolute Freedom (Kaivalya Pada)

Chapter 4 of the Yoga Sutras: Absolute Freedom (Kaivalya Pada) extract from ''Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. The 196 Sutras'' Yoga Sutras Interpretive English Translation by Swami Jnaneshvara Bharati swamij.com Chapter 4 of the Yoga Sutras: Absolute Freedom (Kaivalya Pada) Means of attaining experience (Yoga Sutras 4.1-4.3) 4.1 The subtler attainments come with birth or are attained through herbs, mantra, austerities or concentration. 4.2 The transition or transformation into another form or type of birth takes place through the filling in of their innate nature. 4.3 Incidental causes or actions do not lead to the emergence of attainments or realization, but rather, come by the removal of obstacles, much like the way a farmer removes a barrier (sluice gate), so as to naturally... 

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Happy birthday to grigori grabovoi !!!

Dear Grigori Petrovich! On behalf of millions of ardent Hearts of the people of the planet Earth WE WISH YOU HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! We would like to convey a sincere gratitude and love of your old and new friends, for whom the light of your knowledge has become a guiding Star in this Stormy World! Your calm and confident voice sounds as the alarm bell in all the corners of our planet and inspires confidence, joy and understanding in the hearts of people, that God has not just heard the pleas and requests of humanity for help and knowledge, which will save the World from catastrophes and collapse, HE has come!!! He has come represented by you and brought a unique knowledge on Salvation and Eternal Life on the Earth. The newest technologies of control of events through Consciousness,... 

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